Q8915 Fans Quilt
82 x 87 (208 x 221 cm)

A lovely example of a Depression era Fans quilt using a plethora of wonderful calicoes. Collectors of 1920's quilts will love this one. Made by an extremely accomplished quilter, it is finely executed and appears unused and is in perfect condition. Professionally hand washed in our bathtub. Please ask Betsey about having this quilt sent to you on approval for private viewing.

A fabulous quilt in the Fans pattern created from great c.1920's calicoes and that 1920's solid green we love. This quilter had a marvelous sense of color and precision as showcased by her work. Carefully pieced blocks measure 11 x 11 ½ inches and are set on point. Offsetting the wonderful calicoes is a solid green base and off white ground for each fan.

The backing is off white cotton and the applied 3/8 inch binding is solid green. Hand quilting is executed with tiny, precise stitches in 7/8 inch diagonal cross hatch for the fan bases with parallel lines in the fan spokes and echo outline in the off white ground. Neat and precise.