Q8918 Original Whimsical Center Medallion with Nine Patch Quilt

70 x 78 inches
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A wonderful piece of art which has been hanging in the front hall of my home for a few years. Now this dramatic quilt is ready to go on to another home.

This original whimsical Center Medallion quilt was created from both wool challis and fine woolen fabrics. The designer of this quilt combined a simple Nine Patch pattern, alternating with plain blocks, and an original whimsical Center Medallion applique pattern to create a stunning piece of art.

The Center Medallion measures 39" X 39". This section consists of the inner applique area measuring 23" X 23", the next row emulating an Amish design measures in width 4" with the final outside row of triangles measuring 3-1/2 ". The triangles measure 8" x 5-1/2" x 5-1/2". The nine patch blocks measure 7-3/4" square with the inner square measuring approximately 2-5/8". The separately applied binding in black wool measures 3/8".

All piecing is done by hand with the hand quilting executed in an arc design whose rows are approximately 1" apart. The backing is a stunningly sophisticated large scale floral vine and bird print.