Trapunto Bridal Quilt, with Corded Date & Signature
Dated 1858, by: A Van Imogen
64 x 74 (162.6 x 188 cm)

Of all bridal quilts, those known as white work are among the most highly prized by collectors. Introduced to America in the late 18th century, they became extremely popular before 1830, especially in the South. The central medallions of these elegant textiles were composed of stitched urns of flowers, roped swags, floral wreaths, feathered whorls and cornucopias.

Hundreds of hours were used to plan the desired composition, transfer the design to the fabric, stitch the narrow channels (working at eight to ten stitches per inch), and finally, draw the cording through the channels and motifs, or stuff the motifs from the back side of the quilt, to realize the pattern. The raised designs reflect the light and provide shadow on the surface to give the quilts a stunning sculptural effect.

This example was wrought by A Van Imogen whose corded name can be seen along with the corded date of 1858 surrounding the central urn. A Trapunto hand with heart is a motif seen throughout the quilt, along with flowers, vines, grapes with leaves - all in Trapunto with a stippled background setting the motifs in even higher relief. The quilt has been lit to show the tremendous amount of detail and artistry Miss Van Imogen displayed on her work of art. This quilt has been professionally hand washed by Betsey and is in exceptional condition. It can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing.