Q8931 Bow Tie / Snowball Bassinet Quilt
24 x 34 (61 x 86.4 cm)

A sweet, early bassinet quilt hand pieced and quilted in the Bow Tie pattern. The maker's choice of palette in solid Turkey red, cheddar and off white make it graphic, while her imprecise cutting and hand piecing make it charmingly naïve. Add to that evidence of somewhat irregular hand quilting stitches and it suggests creation by a young girl, possibly for a new sibling? Whatever its history it makes for a great piece of folk art for either a traditional or contemporary setting. The placement of color makes a snowball or bull's eye pattern with the off white bow ties becoming the background.

Bow Tie blocks measure between 3½ inches square to 3¾ inches square. The wonderful cheddar border measures approximately 2 inches on the long sides and ⅞ inches on the short sides. The off white backing folds to the front and is hand stitched down to form the ⅜ inch binding. Hand quilting includes outline stitching for the bow ties and corner blocks, with double parallel lines stitched in the cheddar border.

Professionally hand washed by Betsey this little quilt was used and lovingly cared for and is in excellent condition. It can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing.