Q8945 Wool Folk Art Applique Quilt 1900-1920
1900 - 1920
64 x 77 (162.6 x 195.6 cm)

This is a fabulous early 20th century folk art creation using men's lightweight wools for the blocks and original appliques. A unique piece showcasing animal silhouettes embellished with wool embroidery. Both domestic and wild animals (the most domestic being the little human!) include horses, deer, pigs, chickens, a lamb, bears, an elephant, a cow, a camel, a duck, and more. One of our favorites is the snowman.

Columns of different sized wool blocks surround a center larger block featuring a bear among other small appliqued creatures. Remaining blocks each feature one applique. Wool embroidery stitching accents the figures and covers every seam. A warm palette of browns, grays, blacks, blues and mustard in mostly solid hued wools with some fun windowpane and soft hued plaids used to great effect.

The backing is pieced lightweight wool suiting in various patterns and the quilt is top tied in wool yarn - see detail image. The pillowcase edge makes for a nice, clean finish. This unique and wonderful folk art piece is in perfect condition. Ask to see it on approval in the privacy of your home.