Q8994 Steeplechase

76 x 76 inches
Palmersville, PA

Absolutely stunning is my first reaction to seeing this quilt hung. The graphics and blue and white colors together create a great piece of art. The creator of this quilt was obviously a lover of geometry. The border is 9” wide and is comprised of 3 separate strips. The triangle borders are 1-1/2” in width. The white border between those two measures 5-3/4”. Each square in the body of the quilt measures 1-3/4” on each side. The main body of the quilt is almost 57”. The top of a queen bed is 60”. The inner body and inner border of triangle would cover the top of the bed with the remainder draping down the sides. The quilt is machine pieced with some hand appliqué and all hand quilted. The white border is quilted in meandering vine pattern. The white inner squares are cross hatched in the same direction as the steeplechases. All and all it is a beautiful piece. Organically washed and ready to be sent on approval.