Q8996 Flying Geese Variation
69 x 80 (175.3 x 203.2 cm)

A fabulous quilt in wonderful condition...with a great palette of indigo blue, double pink and pure white. A white stars on indigo cotton is used for both the 2½ inch triangles and the inner 1¾ inch border. One lovely double pink cotton was used throughout for the interior triangles. Skillfully hand pieced, then finely hand quilted with precise 3/4 inch cross hatch stitching in the geese blocks, sunflowers in the white joining blocks, feathered vines in the 5½ inch white sashing, and diagonal parallel lines spaced 3/4 inches apart in the top and bottom borders, with feathered vines in the 5 inch side borders.

The backing is white cotton which folds to the front to form the scant 1/4 inch binding. We quite often find quilts from this era which were completely hand pieced and hand quilted sporting a topstitched binding. Why is that you ask? How better to show off the maker's proud ownership of that relatively new and no doubt expensive invention - a treadle sewing machine.

This very lovely quilt was used but lovingly cared for and is in excellent condition. Perfect for a bed or for display as the artwork it is. Professionally hand washed in our bathtub. Please ask Betsey about having this quilt sent to you on approval for private viewing.