Q8999 Victorian Embellished Fans Quilt

67 x 79 inches

A wonderfully executed Victorian Fan quilt in complete original condition. Created from 56 9" blocks and a 3-1/2" border...a perfect size for a couch or bed throw, a double bed or art for your wall.
Used in the creation of this quilt is a large variety of wool and wool challis from the C.1870's to the C 1890's. Standing this quilt apart from a simple fan design is the use of the same beautifully executed embroidery stitch, as a crowning element, on every block. The variety of muted colors seen here allow for the accent use in numerous decors.
The 3-1/2" rust/orange flannel border is a continuation of the flannel backing and results in a very cuddly quilt to wrap onesself up in.
Ready to be sent, at no charge, for your in-home approval.