Q9005 Foundation Pieced Organized Crazy Quilt

66 x 66 inches
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Although not an actual crazy quilt, I’m including this mint condition quilt in this category because of its piecing method. Another difference is that it is 100% cotton which is not indicative of crazy quilts. The lack of batting and being light weight creates a summer quilt. It can also be used as an additional cover to your cooler season blankets. The blocks measure 12 x 6 1/2” and are in the form of a diamond. The wonderful array of colors will fit with many decor. The variety of shades of blue will make any lover of that color very happy. A blue woven plaid binding edges the quilt. In addition, this quilt can be hung in either direction depending on whether you want to bring height or width to the room. This is hand pieced, hand quilted and now professional hand washed by Betsey. The family name is available upon sale.