Q9006 Amish Concentric Squares with Corner Joining Blocks Bassinet Quilt
35 x 35 (88.9 x 88.9 cm)
Bowmansville, PA

When this little basinet quilt was designed and created, I have a feeling that the Amish woman didn’t realize that she was making such a beautiful piece of art....and certinally not pictured on a wall! The concentric strips on this quilt measure 1” in width with the joining blocks being 1” squares. As with all Amish quilts, they are pieced by a treadle machine and quilted by hand. There is a 1/2” indigo binding sewn on by treadle machine and finished by hand. The applied 3-5/8” red border creates a wonderful frame for this graphically wonderful little quilt. The backing fabric is a late 1800s red calico. It was not unusual for the Amish to use a printed fabric for the backing....usually this fabric had been given or traded to the quilter. In perfect unused condition and ready to be sent on approval.