Q9019 Double Wedding Ring Quilt

72 x 74 inches
New England

Completely unusual is the way I would describe this wedding Ring quilt.....I have never seen this quilt pattern comprised using a combination of these fabrics. The 4 joining squares are 2” and created from a check pattern of off white with two shades of blue. The pieces in the ring are 2" by 1" at the top and 3/4” at the bottom. This entire quilt is hand pieced and extensively hand quilted. All parts of the rings are outline quilted. The binding is applied by hand and finished in the same manner. The center of each ring is quilted in a "baseball" pattern....once again something I have never seen on a quilt. This quilting design along with the blue plaid joining blocks and the choice of other fabrics lead me to believe that a Mother created this quilt for her son as a wedding present.

Double wedding rings are traditionally comprised of calicos. This quilt is pieced using checks, stripes and a few solid fabrics. A one of a kind Double Wedding Ring quilt in an era where most depression era quilters made this pattern. Lovingly created by a woman who had originality and did not follow the pack. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.