Q9021 Wool and wool Challis Victorian Optical Illusion Crazy Quilt

84 x 84 inches
New York

WOW!...This quilt has to be one of the most graphically exciting wool and wool challis Crazy Quilts that I have ever had. No matter your color scheme I believe the rich color would be found on this quilt..Whatever rich color you surround this quilt with..that color will become the prominent color on this quilt!
Comprised of 16 ..18" blocks each with a center medallion Ohio Star and each piece outline embellished with one of dozens of beautiful crazy quilt stitches. One mark of excellence of a Victorian Crazy quilt is 100 different stitches used on a quilt...this one clearly passes that mark. The angled piano key border is 6-1/4 " wide with each strip measuring between 1 " to 1-3/8" in width....Every piece on this perfect condition, unused quilt is outline embellished. There is a separate applied 3/8" burgundy binding. The backing is an extraordinary c.1880's burgundy, black, and yellow on white picotage.
This extraordinary optical illusion piece of textile art is ready to be sent for your at home approval.