Q9022 Log Cabin Maltese Cross
62 x 68 inches
Berks County, PA

Betsey doesn't come across this particular Log Cabin configuration very often and the color palette in this example is outstanding. Shades of blue, salmon, black and taupe lend sophistication to this quilt and the graphics make it optimal for hanging on the wall as the artwork it is. Blocks measure 6 ΒΌ inches square with logs 1/2 inch wide. The arrangement of color gives the illusion of Flying Geese as a secondary pattern.

Fabrics are fine wool and wool challis with a backing of cotton sateen in a floral print in brown, taupe, cream and white - see detail pics. The quilt is cross hatch quilted by hand which is not visible from the front. The 1/2 inch applied binding is in blue wool challis that has also been used on the front of the quilt. Although the hues are solid most fabrics have a pattern in the grain adding elegance and dimension.

This is a stunning quilt in both color palette and design and would make a gorgeous statement on a wall. Skillfully executed it is in perfect condition. Ask Betsey to see this quilt on approval in the privacy of your home.