Q9035 Chips and Whetstone, variation of Mariner's Compass

c. 1865
70 x 88 inches
New England

Not surprising is the knowledge that the quintessential color combination in America is blue and white and has been for centuries. Here is a very graphic and beautiful example of an Indigo and white quilt. This quilt has indigo and white blocks, the sides of the blocks measuring 15” with the center circle having a diameter which measures apx. 5-1/2”. Circular piecing such as executed in this quilt can only be achieved by the most skilled of sewers. The circular piece is the hardest to execute. In this case, it’s set into and surrounded by white fabric. The backing is a very fine linen. The white fabric on the front is a very fine cotton. Each whetstone pattern is outline quilted and English pieced onto the background fabric. All piecing and quilting is done by hand. There are apx 10" quilted medallions joining each chip and whetstone design. Organically hand washed and ready to be seen on approval in your home or office.