Q9051 Optical Illusion Extended Checkerboard Nine Patch/Bars Quilt

c. 1880
74 x 84 inches
Columbus, KS

The story that came with this piece is that the quilt was created by a civil war soldier in a recuperative center after the war. There is a photo that came with the quilt and is included in the purchase. I am questioning the story, however, because the photo does not show the quilt. It's possible the quilt was made for him by a family member. His name and other information will be available upon sale.

The quilt was machine pieced, hand quilted with binding half by machine. The work is so exact it appears to have been made by an expert quilter. The blue bars are 3/4" wide, the white bars are 1-1/4" wide. These measurements correspond with the pieces in the Miniature Extended Nine Patch Block. The quilt is in excellent unused condition, and there is a lot of other paperwork that will go home with the new owner. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.