Q9066_A Courthouse Log Cabin

c. 1880
46 x 68 inches

Foundation pieced in a manner used only in New England. Each square was separately foundation pieced, and the edges were turned under and joined on the back. There is no batting in this child's quilt (youth bed), therefore it can also be called a summer quilt. However it is perfect to use this over a warm blanket in winter. The creation of each block results in the quilting that you see on the back. The turkey red floral binding is much older and can date from the 1850s. The array of fabric used to create this sunshine and shadows quilt dates from 1850 to 1880. Graphically wonderful, this is the perfect size quilt ot use for a wall hanging, on your couch, or s throw on a bed. It was meant for a youth, so is a perfect size for a youth bed. Found in Maine. Professionally hand washed by Betsey. One piece of the binding has been restored with the identical fabric. The rest of the quilt is in original condition.