Q9084 Child's Sunshine and Shadow Log Cabin

c. 1875
45 x 68 inches
New England

This special child’s quilt has been created in the Sunshine and Shadows Log Cabin pattern. It is comprised of 56 blocks, each measuring apx 7-1/2” square. The logs average 1/2” in width, some less and some more - giving the quilt a folky character. The center square is 1-1/4” and is comprised of a few various turkey red calicos. This fact alone is rare, most chimneys are a solid color. The huge array of fabrics date from c.1850 to c.1865. This quilt's format was only made in New England, where each block is individually made with excess fabric on the most outside strips. The strips are then turned under and stitched together to form the quilt. This makes for a nice summer quilt or a quilt used over a comforter in cooler weather. The binding is an early wonderful Turkey red calico. The backing has some dark staining on it due to having been stored folded side out and stored against wood. Professionally washed by Betsey.