Q9087 Prince's Feather

Signed and Dated 1857
78 x 84 inches
Family moved to Kansas

This wonderfully graphic quilt has adaptations added to enhance an earlier pattern. The resulting quilt becomes a one of a kind design. The quilt is comprised of turkey red, tobacco dyed green and white fabric. The original design has a 9-1/2 inch border which sets it apart from any other exquisitely made Prince’s Feather. Sabrina created this quilt by having the feathers look like a pinwheel in motion...again totally unusual for this pattern and very whimsical. The center has a double reverse appliqué bulls eye, again totally unique to any other quilt I’ve seen of this pattern. The teeny tiny applique stitches are so small one can hardly discern them.

A quilted wreath design is found embellishing the outer rim of the center bulls eye. There is echo quilting emulating the feathers throughout the main body of the quilt. Any space where there is not a feather we have what looks like wave quilting. The border design has an art deco feel - which was 70 years before that design was implemented. There is a continuous branch with leaves and cherries around the border. The resulting effect is one of exquisite needlework and a whimsical yet sophisticated pattern.

This quilt came with a hand written note: ”Spun the thread and wove the fabric." This couldn’t describe the entire quilt because the turkey red would have come from India. Other than that, all the facts in the hand written note are correct. This quilt came directly from the family with a hand written note and photograph of the maker. Upon sale, we will provide all the family provenance. Hand washed and ready for your home.