Q9087 Prince's Feathers Quilt

Signed and Dated 1857
75 x 85 inches
Family moved to Kansas

The creator of this masterpiece began with a known pattern, the Princes’s Feather, and has artistically taken this design to a new height. Using appliqué and reverse appliqué, along with a small amount of embroidery, the maker has created a visual and creatively outstanding quilt. The main body of the quilt consists of four Prince’s Feathers and measures apx 66 x 66 inches wide. The Prince’s Feather design, in this case, is laid out to show a pinwheel design showing motion. The quilter has enhanced this by quilting flowing wreaths on the side of the feathers in the same direction as the appliquéd feathers. The entire quilt shows amazing movement. Any blank area on the quilt has been filled in with beautiful feather wreaths. The quilting is impeccably small and even.
The same can be said about the appliqué stitches. The stitches are minuscule. The quilter has added 9-1/2 inch borders to each side of the quilt. The edges of the border are appliquéd with a geometric design, totally in contrast with the flowing feathers. The center of the border has an appliquéd flowing vine with cherries, visually bringing the two sides together. The top and the bottom have a 4-3/4 inch border created from 1/2 of the edged border. This is embellished with holly berries. There is a 1/4 inch turned over and hand stitched binding. The quilt is signed and dated. The family name will be given upon sale. Organically hand washed by Betsey this quilt is now ready for its new home.