Q9088 Original quilt pattern (quilt pattern name unknown)

74 x 76 inches

During the 19th century there were two eras when the four block formation and the nine block formation were used. Here we are seeing a quilt reminiscent of that 19th century style. The entire piece is both meticulously and artistically executed. Nine perfectly identical cut snowflakes are appliquéd on to a white block with minuscule stitches. In the center of each snowflake is a white Lemoyne Star, again with minuscule stitches. The center of each Lemoyne Star has a 5/8” reverse appliqué circle showing the mint green through it. There is an apx 7-1/4 inch border using the same green fabric around the entire piece. The body of the quilt is cross hatch quilted in a 1-1/8 inch grid. The outside border has a quilted vine pattern around the entire piece. Where there is not a vine, there is arc quilting in 5 rows of graduating size. In the section of the quilt where the body meets the border there is a row of quilting round the entire piece. The pillowcase edge finishes the quilt, again with miniscule stitches. There are three beautifully embroidered initials on the back. Found in Maine in perfect unused condition.