Q9089 Snails Trail Log Cabin

c.1928, finished later
78 x 78 inches
New England

Some quilts cause me to smile when I look at them. This is such a quilt. This quilt was pieced and created around 1928 and I feel it was quilted later, possibly in the 1950’s. The blocks are 11-1/2 inches square and are comprised of logs 3/4 inches in width. This quilt was created with a complete array of 1920s cotton fabrics: calicoes, plaids, strips, etc. All piecing was done by hand with the blocks joined by machine. The backing is a newer white fabric while the binding is a different white applied by machine, turned over and hand sewn in front. The quilting runs through the center of every other piece. A snail's Trail is the rarest of all Log Cabin patterns. The colors in this quilt are mostly pastels, with yellow, pinks and blues dominating. The size is perfect for art on your wall or a happy, happy quilt on a bed. Hand washed by Betsey and ready for your home.