Q9095A Squares on Point Youth Quilt
58 x 60 inches
Brewer, ME

Simplicity can be so graphic as we see here in this wonderful mid 19th century Youth quilt. This early quilt measures approximately 58 X 60 inches and contains over sixty 4-1/2 inch blocks on point and approximately 25 half blocks surrounding the outer edge of this quilt. There is a 2-1/2 inch border with a 3/8 inch separate binding finishing the quilt. There is a vast array of mid to early 19th century cotton prints creating a wonderful piece of art work. The binding frames this quilt perfectly. The backing is a gorgeous c.1845 print. Completely pieced and quilted by hand in the Brewer, Maine area....a New England textile treasure. In my possession are 2 youth quilts believed to be made by the same woman. The other one was started in 1828 and finished many years later. There is a hand written note on the back of the other quilt.. I would like these two to stay together and will offer a discount for keeping both together. Organically hand washed and ready for your at home viewing. Please ask for more information.

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