Q9096 Tennessee Wool Center Medallion Quilt

c. 1895
78 x 78 inches

How modern the graphic art work seen here is on this quilt. Hard to imagine that this quilt is over 100 years old. The center medallion,of this quilt measures 32 inches square. The design for the first center medallion quilts came to America from England in the 18th century. Radiating borders are always seen on a quilt of this design. Here the borders from center to the outside edge measure 3”, 2-1/2", 3", 4-1/4”, 2", 4-3/4” and 3-1/4". The edging of this quilt is pillow cased and then topped with a blanket stitch. I believe the center medallion was made from a woman’s woolen shawl. The style is called Center Medallion, however originally they were very sophisticated and created by affluent women. This quilt is the antithesis ...being the quilt of a rural, country quilt maker...who never knew that she was creating amazing art for the 21st century! In complete original condition, this amazingly warm quilt can become a beautiful piece of art for your wall. An amazing piece for bed, couch or wall and ready to be seen on approval.