Q9110 Wool Challis Log Cabin with Dimunitive Chimneys
Mid 19th Century
72 x 80 inches
Found in New England

Yes, I too have my favorites....this is one such quilt ..Unfortunately pictures, as with many quilts, do not show its true beauty and sophistication. This mid-century straight furrows quilt was found in New England. The pattern is the log pattern and the one that came originally from England. From that original pattern we developed our own variations of the log cabin, patterns becoming the quintessential American quilt patterns. The construction of this quilt is made up of 10” blocks: each block made up of 1/4 to 1/2” width logs with a minuscule 1/2" center chimney. The cotton backing used for this quilt is c.1840 design. The hand applied twill tape binding measures 1/2” and is applied by hand ...the entire quilt is pieced and quilted by hand as this piece was made before the sewing machine was in public use. The fabrics used for the "logs" are a variety of wool challis, an indication that this woman was a member of a family of affluence. The muted colors have created a very sophisticated and rich looking quilt: a major piece of art. I am happy to send this quilt for viewing and approval in your home.