Q9112 Sunburst with Flying Geese Border Quilt

83 x 99 inches
New England

One of my favorite quilts in my shop is this early 1800’s Sunburst Quilt with Flying Geese Border, seemingly comprised of simple 12” square blocks. When one first looks at this quilt, one doesn’t realize how difficult this exquisite textile is to make. The sunburst pattern itself measures 9-1/2” in diameter, however there is a circular piece inserted into the center of the square. The circular quilting around each center sunburst is reminiscent of a Hawaiian quilt of a much later date. The width of the quilting rows vary from 1/4 to 3/8”. The quilt is surrounded by a 4-1/2” border and finished with a 1/4” all hand applied binding. The entire quilt was created by hand and predates the public use of a sewing machine. All sides of the diamonds in the sunburst measure 1-3/4”, the diameter of the center piece is 4”, and the flying geese triangles measure 3 x 3 x 4”.

There is a three dimensional feel to these blocks with each diamond outline quilted. The flying geese border brings this quilt to another level. Each triangle is echo quilted. When you look at this quilt from the back, it’s unbelievable how much quilting has been done. Fabric on the back is linen while the front fabric is a finer linen along with the faded purple. Before 1850 in America, we were unable to set the color purple, as a result the fabric faded down to these beautiful colors. These shades of purple help us date this quilt to c.1835. Completely executed by hand, organically washed by Betsey and ready for your viewing.