Q9113a Variation of World's Fair Block Pictures
65 x 79 inches

Used here is the shade of red as seen in mid to early 19th century Turkey Red dyed fabric. However, this is a 20th century chemical dyed fabric not a vegetable dyed one.
A very graphic quilt created only in red and white becoming an optical illusion piece of art due to the pattern and the strong contrast with the white and wonderfully strong red. Beautifully machine pieced then hand quilted, this is a quilt to add to your home for its graphics, not its quilting. I feel that two different women created this piece of art...a meticulous piecer and graphic designer and a not so wonderful hand quilter!
Created from 9-1/2" blocks and finished with a 1/4" binding turned over from the back to the front then hand stitched down. This pattern creates for me what I first view as An Irish Chain pattern, then a Rob Peter to Pay Paul pattern and then a Center Medallion pattern....all together creating a wonderfully graphic optical illusion quilt...perfect for a wall calling for a red and white piece of textile art.
In unused condition and now organically hand washed by Betsey. This quilt is ready to be sent to your home for approval.