Q9120 Mennonite Reversible Double Irish Chain Quilt
c. 1880
78 x 78 inches

This perfect condition Mennonite Irish Chain quilt's design is comprised of 1-3/4” squares. The outside edge is an 8" wide triple border with each strip being apx 2-3/4” wide and finished with a 3/8” separately applied binding. This is the design for the front of the quilt and is comprised from three fabrics; an over-dyed green calico, a double pink calico and a mustard calico with a red and white minuscule print. The "signature" of a Mennonite quilt is that they always strip pieced the backings of their quilts. In this case, the strips are so perfectly laid out that we have a completely reversible quilt. It’s a Bars quilt, comprised of a different green calico than used on the front alternating with a chrome yellow calico with a small red flower and thin vine design. Each strip measures apx 7-1/2” in width. On the back, it’s easier to see the quilting design that’s been executed on the front. Each square is outline quilted. The joining blocks are cross hatched diagonal quilted. The border is quilted in a herringbone pattern. In mint condition, this quilt will fit a queen size bed or make for a very dramatic wall hanging. Ready to be sent for your approval.

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