Q9121 Wool and Cotton Flannel Cozy Nine Patch Quilt

68 x 78 inches

This very, very cozy quilt is comprised of 13-1/3” blocks with each of the nine squares having sides measuring apx 4-3/8”. These squares are joined with 4-1/2” sashing of a gray cotton flannel. The intersecting blocks joining the squares measures apx 4-1/2” and are a soft medium blue flannel fabric. The nine patch blocks are comprised of both flannel and wool. There is a 3” blue cotton flannel and a gray cotton flannel around two sides of the quilt. The whole cloth backing is gray flannel which has created a warm, cuddly yet very graphic quilt. There is a separate applied 3/8” flannel binding. The entire piece has been quilted in a diagonal quilting pattern. All work has been executed by hand. It appears this quilt has never been used...now ready to keep you warm and cozy.
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