UF258 Woolen 48 Star American Flag
c.1920s or 1930s, possibly older
59 x 93 inches (apx. 5 x 8 feet)
New England

The stars are free hand placed on the indigo blue background. When one looks at the stars they appear to be dancing and whimsical. The stars are linen and the indigo blue and red and white stripes are wool. Yes, there are moth holes. I always tell people to be careful when buying a wool piece without moth holes. The moth holes are a sign of authenticity. A wool antique without moth holes would be suspicious. The indigo background measures 41" x 33”, the stripes are 4-1/4“ wide and the stars measure 3” tip to tip.

UF259 Woolen 48 Star American Flag
c.1945 or earlier
95 x 176 inches (apx. 8 x 14 feet)
New England

This flag is too large to photograph. I believe this one is a WWII vintage flag. The stripes are 7-1/4“ wide and the stars measure 4-3/8” tip to tip.