UF262 Upholstery/Tapestry Quilt

c. 1890
38 x 59 inches
New York

I have had this wonderful quilt in my living room for years. Now it’s time for it to go on to someone else. This quilt is comprised of various sizes and shapes of upholstery fabrics from the late 19th century. The dimensions of this tied quilt make it appear to me that it was made for a Victorian chaise lounge. I can picture a Victorian woman, dressed in her lounging robe, lying on a chaise covered with this quilt. :-) The large array of muted earth tones would fit into about 8 or 10 different color schemes. Yes, these are the colors of my living room! Piecing on this quilt is all done by machine with the binding turned over from the back and then hand stitched down. The backing fabric is an earlier muted burgundy, beige and brown stripe. This piece is hand tied and has been professionally hand washed by Betsey and is in wonderful condition. If you choose to hang it on your wall, it can be hung in either direction. I had it positioned over the back of my sofa in an easy to grab place for a covering. This very sophisticated 19th century quilt is all set to be seen on approval.