UF64 Silk Edwardian Formal Dressing Gown
apx. size 10 to 12

After the Civil War, the passing of Queen Victoria and through and after WW1, most families were in mourning for a son, brother or husband who were lost in one of those wars. Many women were dressed in black..day and night.

Seen here is a formal "Embellished silk Dressing Gown Robe" that would have been part of a very wealthy woman's wardrobe. A servant would assist in the preparations for bed. Undressing, dressing, combing of her hair and whatever assistance the Lady of the House would need. Have you seen "The Guilded Age" or "Downton Abbey"? This is such a garment that they would have worn, or others in a similar social position would have enjoyed. Today this amazing garment could be worn to a formal evening out and be the hit of the town!..worn at home for entertaining......or just displayed in one's home...The embellishment on this robe is so sophisticated...just beautiful!

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