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About American Antique Hooked & Braided Rugs

Betsey’s love of antique textiles flows over into her collection of hooked, braided, woven, overshot, tied, and sheared antique rugs, and enjoys many throughout her home. As with her antique quilt collection, Betsey searches for original pieces of art based on graphics, color and condition. We have Amish and Shaker antique rugs, along with antique rugs found throughout New England, including a fabulous sheared rug runner. We are happy to send antique rugs on approval, and the authenticity and condition of each rug is guaranteed.

American Antique Hooked & Braided Rugs

New England Penny Rug
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
New England Penny Rug
24-1/2 x 38 inches New England $275

This is a variation on a penny rug, created in New England from felted wool and wool yarn, measuring approximately 38 by 24-1/2 inches. The penny rug was a sewing method taught to children at an early age to teach the buttonhole stitch and applique technique. It was easier for the child's tiny fingers to execute the stitching because the pieces were larger and therefore easier for them to grip. I am unable to tell if this is made by a child or an adult. This Penny rug is in complete original condition with embroidery in the center. There are a couple of little snags that we can restore if desired but at this point it is simply character. The very heavy weight cotton backing is treadle machine stitched onto a front foundation fabric.
This Penny Rug is ready to be shipped to you for your in-home approval.

Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Hooked Pansy Rug
41-1/2 x 28 inches
New England

What a wonderful hooked rug that appears never to have been used. This "hooker" had to have been a very happy person. Even though we are not positive of the creator's name, the rug does come directly from the family...I believe it was created in the 1940’s and is made from all wool. Comprised of muted shades of blues and lavender, with a triple border. Beautifully designed and executed, this rug could be used as a wall hanging or placed on a floor where it would be hardly used. Perfect unused condition and ready to send for your approval.

Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
BTG Collection Folk Art Rug
24 x 36 inches
New England

This wonderful folksy hooked rug, made of wool and various crepe knits, was found in Maine and has been in my private collection for years. There is a definite African American feel to this rug and felt from the center bullseye design that was symbolic of a 1918 African American massacre that occurred in our country. This is a feeling that I have, but cannot prove its creator. It’s a fabulous folk art piece to hang on the wall and can be hung in either direction. Early aniline dyes,especially those of WW1 vintage, unlike most vegetable dyes, fade over time. You can see the original colors on the back where the rug has not been exposed to years of daylight. It wasn’t until C.1925 that aniline dyes were no longer fugitive.

Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Hand Loomed Rag Rug
Late 19th Century
27 x 37 inches

Either Mennonite or Amish - chocolate brown, gray and blue. One end is fringed and the other is bound with rug binding. It appears never to have been used. Also in my possession are very long runners of the same color and design...

Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Wool Bars Hooked Rug
19 x 32 inches
Found on Cape Cod..was told it was originally from Nova Scotia

Typical of many hooked rugs, this one has been created on burlap. The fibers used here are wool, cotton and rayon crepe. The outside 1/2” rug binding has been applied by machine, which is not unusual. All other work has been executed by hand. Chances are, this rug was never used and is therefore in perfect condition. The inside border is 1-3/4” in width and created from a black and white wool. The outside 5/8” hooked rug double row was created from rayon crepe. Then follows another double row of taupe colored rayon crepe. The main body consists of apx 46 rows of alternating bars of black wool and red, blue,and green cottons. I feel it has a definite Amish or Mennonite design. It could be Mennonite - but I’m not positive. The work is so good on this that this rug could be reversible. A wonderful,perfect condition hooked rug that would look great on a wall, a table or actually used on the floor. Will send for your approval...

Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Shaker Rag Rug
c.1930-1945 fabrics
23 x 41 inches

It is rare to find a rug that was made by the Shakers..especially one in perfect unused or hardly used condition. Shakers were the only people who used knitted or crocheted foundations for the creation of their rag or hooked rugs. One could use this rug on the floor or hang it on a wall for a wonderful piece of true hand folk art. The creator’s authenticity of this rug is proven by the backing. Wool knit and other fabrics.

Shaker Rag Rug
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Shaker Rag Rug

22 x 36 inches

The Shakers’ love of color and design is clearly seen in their creation of rag rugs and mats.

Graphically wonderful for the wall or floor this rag rug from the Shaker community has been worked with wool strips in red, russet, cream, blue, tan and lavender.

This sophisticated piece has a crocheted backing, typical of the Shakers, through which the wool strips are worked.

Double Sided Wool Runner
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Double Sided Wool Runner
24 feet x 3 feet

Created in Pennsylvania this reversible all wool runner has been hand hooked and then sheared. A gorgeous unused wool runner in a size that would allow division into multiple rugs if so desired.
Ribbon Pattern Hooked Rug Runner
Ribbon Pattern Hooked Rug Runner
c. 1900
28½ x 132
New England, possibly MA

A wool runner in fabulous original condition, this piece would be a terrific accent for any room or hall. In addition, if you have a high ceiling, this rug could be a wonderful vertical art piece as well. The months and months of work it would have taken to create this rug is staggering to contemplate! The muted colors are perfect for today’s much sought after color palette.

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