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About my American Antique Red, White & Green Quilt Collection

The gorgeous red, white and green quilts of the mid 1800?s (1835 -1865) are beautiful any time of the year. For decorating on a wall, over a railing or piece of furniture, or perhaps adding that special touch to a guest bed, these antique quilts are wonderful.

American Antique Red, White & Green Quilts

Click on the pictures below to see more views of my special Red, White & Green Collection. Shading is due to lighting, not representative of the quilt. Please call for the availability or any questions.

CONRB Unique Floral Applique with Trapunto
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
CONRB Unique Floral Applique with Trapunto
90 x 90 inches
Believed to be from New York or Pennsylvania

This totally unique Floral Trapunto Appliqué Quilt was created c.1825. As there are no signs of wear on the quilt, it appears to have been only slightly used. We know everything on this quilt was sewn by hand because it was made prior to the invention of the sewing machine. The quilt is comprised of blocks measuring 12 inches square. The border is approximately 11-1/2 inches in width. The separate hand applied binding is 1/4 inches wide. The inner border is 1-1/2” inches wide with the triangles measuring 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches, which after close examination are actually split squares.

It’s hard for me to tell if all these turkey red, yellow calico and calico fabrics are appliquéd on top of a white square or pieced. To me, it looks as if execution has been of both methods. A solid white square is alternated with a square containing the appliqué work. The leaf and rose pattern is comprised of over-dyed green, turkey red and two different cheddar calicos. The backing and the front white are linen. The squares were pieced together and the quilt elaborately quilted with baskets of flowers all around the border. The solid blocks in the main part of the quilt are cross-hatched and herringbone quilted so that every bit of this quilt is heavily quilted.

Then came the trapunto -- months and months of work after probably years of creating this masterpiece. The baskets and flowers are all beautifully executed in trapunto. The resulting effect is an amazing and graphically wonderful early quilt. It is in perfect condition. This quilt can be used on a full, queen or king bed with a 5 inch overhang on the latter. To say this quilt would be fabulous piece of art on the wall of your home is an understatement.

Q9087 Prince's Feather
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
Q9087 Prince's Feather
Dated 1857
78 x 84 inches

This wonderfully graphic quilt has adaptations added to enhance an earlier pattern. The resulting quilt becomes a one of a kind design. The quilt is comprised of turkey red, tobacco dyed green and white fabric. The original design has a 9-1/2 inch border which sets it apart from any other exquisitely made Prince’s Feather. Sabrina created this quilt by having the feathers look like a pinwheel in motion...again totally unusual for this pattern and very whimsical. The center has a double reverse appliqué bulls eye, again totally unique to any other quilt I’ve seen of this pattern. The teeny tiny applique stitches are so small one can hardly discern them.

A quilted wreath design is found embellishing the outer rim of the center bulls eye. There is echo quilting emulating the feathers throughout the main body of the quilt. Any space where there is not a feather we have what looks like wave quilting. The border design has an art deco feel - which was 70 years before that design was implemented. There is a continuous branch with leaves and cherries around the border. The resulting effect is one of exquisite needlework and a whimsical yet sophisticated pattern.

This quilt came with a hand written note: ”Spun the thread and wove the fabric." This couldn’t describe the entire quilt because the turkey red would have come from India. Other than that, all the facts in the hand written note are correct. This quilt came directly from the family with a hand written note and photograph of the maker. Upon sale, we will provide all the family provenance. Hand washed and ready for your home.

Q8514 Folk Art Prince’s Feather
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
Q8514 Folk Art Prince’s Feather
91 x 91 inches
Lititz, PA

This folk art rendition of a very formal Folk Art Prince’s Feather has a decidedly Pennsylvania Dutch look. Created in Lititz, PA, this is easy to understand. This quilt has a very powerful feel to it, both graphically and emotionally. This is hand appliquéd, hand quilted and machine pieced. Quilted on the diagonal in a 1 inch grid, this quilt has a 1/4 inch turned over hand finished binding. When I purchased this quilt it was a mint quilt, meaning it had never been used or washed. Now that I have professionally washed this piece it is called unused. It is in perfect, clean condition and unused.

Q8270 Oak Leaf and Reel with Vine Border
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
Q8270 Oak Leaf and Reel with Vine Border
c. 1845
90 x 102 inches
New England, maybe New York

Tiny all over cross hatching for quilting. Minuscule applique stitches. Beautifully restored with weaves. This amazing piece of artwork features an entirely original variation of the applique pattern leaf and reel. The floral vine border features tulips and coxcombs. the solid turkey red on white appliqued blocks measure 17 inches and are set on point. The vine border measures 10 inches and is comprised of solid overdyed green and solid turkey red fabrics on white. The applique work on this is just absolutely incredible. One must look closely to see any applique stitches at all. All work on this piece is by hand, and the quilting is outline quilting and cross hatch quilting in 1/2 inch grids. Please ask Betsey for more information on this quilt. Professionally washed by Betsey.

BTC11 Pinwheel Irish Chain 9 Patch with 8 Point Stars
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
BTC11 Pinwheel Irish Chain 9 Patch with 8 Point Stars
70 x 88 inches
Boston, MA

This gorgeous quilt in excellent condition is part of Betsey’s personal collection. The c.1830 quilt top contains some exquisite fabrics in early green, Prussian blue, and madder reds showcased in extremely detailed florals and wonderful plaids. Skillfully stitched, all by hand of course, using patchwork for the pinwheel Irish Chain pattern, and applique for the eight point stars. The design is laid out beautifully on a pristine white ground. Pinwheel blocks measure 5 inches, and 7-1/2 inch diameter stars are appliqued to 15 inch white blocks.

The wonderful and very early quilt top was quilted later by RMQ using a same date very fine homespun linen for the backing, c.1830 1/4 inch hand applied fabric in russet red, ecru and black for the binding, and quilted using linen thread. Beautiful hand quilting patterns include outline and 8 petal flowers in the pinwheel and joining blocks and 1/2 inch diagonal cross hatch behind the outline quilted stars. Professionally hand washed by Betsey, ask her to see this quilt on approval in the privacy of your home. The fabrics are incredible.

convk-1 Tulip Applique
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
CONVK1 Tulip Applique
c. 1846
92 x 95 inches
North Carolina

This wonderful dated 1846 North Carolina Lily Appliqued Quilt is signed and dated by the maker, Melinda Gurney. There are no signs of its being more than slightly used. Is it possible that this quilt was created to be used as a Sunday best quilt? Or was it made to commemorate a very special occasion?

We know that this quilt was created by a very affluent family, as this Turkey red calico was some of the most expensive fabric to be purchased. The green fabric in this quilt was created using a method called over-dying. Yellow dye was placed over blue dye to create green. The North Carolina Lily blocks are 14 inches square, the sashing between the blocks measures 4-1/2 inches and all the blocks are on point. The border is appliquéd with swags and tassels reminiscent of a formal room setting.

The binding measures 1/4 inch, the sashing is double line quilted, indicative of the 1840’s style. All pieces are outline quilted. This quilt will perfectly fit a queen size bed with either a regular or new very thick mattress or a king size bed with the swags going over the sides. It is completely hand pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted. Professionally hand washed by Betsey. Please call for more information.

Q6487 Irish Chain with Chintz Border
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
Q6487 Irish Chain with Chintz Border
84 x 85 inches
North Carolina

Irish Chain with Chintz Border

Q8746 Red,Green & White Coxcomb Floral Applique
Q8746 Red,Green & White Coxcomb Floral Applique
c. 1845
89 x 89 inches

Large scale, 4 block coxcomb floral applique

CONMN1 Rose Wreath Applique
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
CONMN1 Rose Wreath Applique
c. 1850
92 x 93 inches
New England

Very unusual over-dyed green calico fabric combined with turkey red, chrome orange and red miniature calico. The red miniature calico gives the impression of a double pink, however it's not. 10-1/4" border on three sides. The top does not have a border. (Old Yankee tradition: If you don't need it, you don't do it). Fabulous continuous vine border, all appliqued.

In each vine section there is one leaf with a reversed appliqued bud inside. The border has a diagonal quilting with all the leaves and stems outline quilted, which is something I have never seen inn 30 years. In each center applique there is a circle 3/8" in diameter with a flower stamped in the center. The stamp would have been made using India ink. The body is quilted in a circular motion emulating the movements of the vines. This quilting is apx 1/2" apart. There is a 1/4" binding all by hand using the same over-dyed green calico with a miniature yellow tulip as its print. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.

Q8715 Folk Art Flower and Basket
Q8715 Folk Art Flower and Basket
74 x 82 (188 x 208.3 cm)

All hand pieced, appliqued and quilted, this quilt is a unique and skillfully made piece of textile folk art. Comprised entirely of solid hues of cotton in Turkey red, over dyed green, and mustard on a white ground.

Pieced baskets comprised of green and mustard triangles are 3 ½" high and 7 ¼" wide and hold funky appliqued flower stems with buds of red and green. Precise appliqué stitches are so small they are hard to detect. Framing the quilt are six one inch borders in alternating colors of green, mustard, red and white. The combination of precise piecing with the completely original folk art design gives this quilt a whimsical yet sophisticated feel.

Wonderful triple line quilting in ¼" parallel lines is skillfully stitched by hand throughout. The backing is a fine white cotton and the separately applied hand stitched ¼" binding is in Turkey red. The excellent condition and stunning graphics of this mid 19th century folk art quilt make it equally wonderful art for either bed or wall. Professionally hand washed by Betsey this quilt is ready to be sent to you on approval. Please ask Betsey for more details.

Q8304 Four Patch Basinette Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q8304 Four Patch Basinette Quilt
Dated 1891, with 1860's fabrics
33 x 43 (83.8 x 109.2 cm)

This wonderful red, green and white basinette quilt is comprised of two early madder dyed calicoes (c.1860), an over dyed green calico and white. Hand pieced and beautifully hand quilted with feather wreath medallions in the joining blocks, feather vines in the 3 1/2" white border and adjacent white triangles, and straight line quilting in the 4 patch blocks. The date of 1891 is embroidered in two places. The four-patch blocks on this piece measure 5 ¼” each, and the blocks are set on point.

An exquisite red, white and green quilt made extra special by its diminutive size it would be perfect as a wall hanging year round or a decorative element for the winter holidays. In excellent condition and professionally hand washed by Betsey this little quilt can be sent to you on approval for viewing in your home.

CON LC Carolina Lily
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
CON LC Carolina Lily
87 x 90 (221 x 228.6 cm)

Festoon your home this holiday season with the perfect antique hand appliqued quilt for art on your wall, bed or decorating in general. In gorgeous solid Turkey red and overdyed green you just can’t get any more festive. 16 hand appliqued lilies dance among flower buds on a pristine white ground. Solid Turkey red jabots and bows circle the white border measuring 12 3/4 inches on the side borders and 10 inches top and bottom (quilt shown horizontally in photo). Finely done hand quilting consists of outline on each appliqué, 6, 7 and 8 petaled floral motifs in differing sizes and leaf filled trailing vines in the white background. The quilt has a white backing and is finished with a ¼ inch hand applied white binding.

This piece is extremely ordered and well planned but gives the impression of free spirited gaity, emphasized by the “scattering” of appliqued buds and the various sizes of the hand quilted multi-petaled flowers and free flowing leafy vines.

This lovely quilt would be the focal point of your holiday decorating or any time of year. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.

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