American Antique Crib Quilts
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About American Antique Crib Quilts
Antique crib quilts from the 18th and 19th centuries should actually be called bassinet or cradle quilts, as these were the beds primarily used for babies at that time. Therefore, most of the quilts in this time frame will be smaller than our 20th century crib quilts, which were created for the size cribs we still use today. The design scale on a crib quilt should match its size; that is, a true crib quilt was originally made for that purpose, not cut down from a larger quilt. Every quilt in this category is at its original size.

Antique crib quilts are fabulous pieces of textile art, perfect for those who might not have the wall space necessary for a full sized quilt. Whether used to adorn furniture, or on a wall in your foyer, hall, or any room, crib quilts can warm up living spaces in a way that paintings can never do.

Although they would be wonderful on a wall in a child’s room, we do not recommend using crib quilts for children. Children need bed coverings that can withstand the rigors of frequent machine washing, and antique quilts should NEVER see the inside of a washing machine!

Use your antique crib quilt as a small bit of warmth and color in your home, and enjoy knowing someone made this small quilt long ago out of love for a child.
Q9025 Mennonite Four Patch Crib Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q9025 Mennonite Four Patch Crib Quilt
40 x 54 (101.6 x 137.2 cm)

A Mennonite cotton crib quilt both well loved and sweet! Four patch blocks measure 3 ⅜ x 3 ⅜ inches and are hand pieced. Treadle machine piecing was used to attach the 3 ⅜ x 3 ⅜ inch joining blocks. There is a range of dates for the fabrics used - the newest c.1940 - attesting to this little creation’s scrap bag origins.

The backing is treadle machine strip pieced, as is typical of Mennonite quilting, in 3 inch wide solids, calicos, polka dots, and windowpane plaids - see detail images. There is some shadowing on the fabric which washing did not remove. There is sparse batting between the top and backing and it is top tied using a soft blue cotton floss. The ½ inch applied binding is ivory cotton and is treadle machine topstitched.

A sweet crib quilt, used and loved, in excellent condition. As with all our quilts you may ask to see it on approval in the privacy of your home.
Q7000 Wool Fans, Hired Man's Bed Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q7000 Wool Fans, Hired Man's Bed Quilt
42 x 64 (106.7 x 162.6 cm)

In excellent condition and in its original hired man's bed size, this soft wool challis quilt is both snuggly warm and graphically wonderful - perfect for use as a sophisticated crib quilt or as wall art. Arranged as a 4 x 7 array of fans this wool challis quilt has a 4 inch solid blackish green border and 28 fans made up of alternating red and green blades and finished with grayish brown fan handles. A small and very even outline track stitch is used as the embroidery embellishment throughout. The backing is a solid red challis with a 3/8 inch applied black green binding the same fabric as the border.

A beautiful, warm and sophisticated piece for your child's room...or for any room in your home. Use as either a small bed cover, throw or it would be stunning as graphic art on your wall. Ask us about sleeves for hanging, and to see this quilt on approval in the privacy of your home.
Q9006 Cotton Log Patch Bassinet Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q9006 Cotton Log Patch Bassinet Quilt
35 x 35 (88.9 x 88.9 cm)
Bowmansville, PA

An exquisite and very graphic cotton bassinet quilt executed in one inch strips of solid, saturated color. Red, blue, green, purple and yellow bars radiate out from the center square with solid red one inch blocks in each corner. The red border framing the vibrant bars is 3 ¾ inches wide.

Hand quilting is nicely done with outline and diagonal stitching in the bars and small blocks and double chain stitching in the red border. The backing is a lovely red cotton calico – see detail image.

This perfect little quilt appears unused and is in excellent condition. Professionally hand washed by Betsey it is perfectly suited to be used as stunning artwork for your wall. This quilt may be sent to you on approval for private viewing.
Q8892 Log Cabin Sunshine & Shadow Bassinet Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q8892 Log Cabin Sunshine & Shadow Bassinet Quilt
40 x 40 (101.6 x 101.6 cm)
Ephrata, PA

This wonderful pre Civil War bassinet quilt is in mint condition. The Sunshine & Shadow Log Cabin pattern is beautifully rendered in madder dye, over dyed green, chrome yellow and double pink calico cottons. Logs are one inch wide with cabin blocks measuring approximately 11 inches square. The 3 1/2" outer border in an over dyed green calico has corner blocks in a great madder dyed plaid. The fabrics on the front are from 1850 to 1860.

Hand quilting on this little gem includes outline stitching in all logs with Herringbone in the green borders and a large cross hatch stitched in each corner block. The backing is a c.1840 beige and white chain pattern with a miniature floral overlay in brown, taupe, black and red - lovely. Please see detail image.

What a beautiful work of art in mint condition and the perfect size for hanging on your wall or a spectacular and special quilt for your baby's crib. Professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready to ship to you on approval for private viewing in your home.
Q8636 Broken Dishes Crib Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q8636 Broken Dishes Crib Quilt
27 x 33
New Hampshire

A delightful, diminutive and completely original quilt in the broken dishes pattern. This pleasing little crib quilt is comprised of various soft hues in plaids, stripes, and checks with a few florals and solids added in for fun. Each block has been hand pieced and hand quilted in diagonal lines and measures 2 ¾ inches. The backing is a white muslin which folds over to the front forming the ½ inch hand stitched binding.

A small treasure to use or display on your wall as the perfect piece of graphic art for that small space! Professionally hand washed by Betsey.

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