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About Unusual Finds

Betsey's love of antique textiles overflows the limits of our categories! This is where you will find unique pieces that are special enough to offer to you. As with all of our other pieces, these antique textiles are guaranteed for authenticity, condition and age.

Unusual Antique Textiles

Click on the pictures below to see more views of my Unusual Finds. Shading is due to lighting, not representative of the quilt. Please call for the availability or any questions.

Q8955 Blue Calimanco
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q8955 Blue Calimanco
86 x 87 (218.4 x 221 cm)
New England

Calimanco (also spelled calamanco) is a sturdy glazed Lindsey-woolsey fabric which was popular in Britain and America during the mid to late 18th and early 19th Centuries. For quilt collectors and textile enthusiasts, the primary characteristics of a calimanco are its glaze, which was produced by rubbing the cloth with a stone or by applying egg white or wax to the surface, and its woolen homespun fabric.

The original Lindsey’s or calimancoes are whole cloth quilts which means repeats of the same fabric sewn together giving the illusion of one large piece of fabric. The finely executed hand quilting is shown to its best advantage against the subtle sheen of the solid color surface. In the first quarter of the 19th century quilters would take part of worn calimancoes or Lindsey’s and create pieced Lindsey’s (after 40 years or so of use the glaze was gone).

A deep blue whole cloth, the color created from Indigo dye, possessing the original glaze is on the front. A gorgeous mustard Lindsey-woolsey is used on the reverse side of the quilt. Wonderful hand quilting covers every inch of this magnificent quilt. A wonderful canvas for a quilter to showcase her art. In excellent condition. Ask Betsey for more details. This quilt can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing.

Q9036 Silk Cigar Band Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q9036 Silk Cigar Band Quilt
87 x 97 (221 x 246.4 cm)

Cigars were the most popular tobacco product used in the 19th Century, with most households having at least one cigar smoker. A cigar box would contain several bundles of six to eight cigars, each bundle wrapped in a silk ribbon sporting a printed brand name or number. These ribbons served not only the practical purpose of packaging the cigars but also as a way to attract buyers to a specific brand. Women were encouraged through literature distributed by the tobacco companies to use them to make things for the home such as pillows, table covers, purses and even curtains for windows and doors.

This lovely example of a cigar silks quilt highlights its sheer elegance by the use of only certain silks and by the artistry and skill that were used to create it. The fact that it is so large and obviously created for use on a bed is extraordinary as they were mostly made for smaller decorative purposes. The quilt is surrounded on three sides by a 7 inch wide gold cotton ruffle. Reverse tied with an ecru backing pillowcase edged to the top. A gorgeous piece of work beautifully designed by its maker. This quilt can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing.

Q8923 Trapunto Bridal Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q8923 Trapunto Bridal Quilt, Corded Signature & Date
Dated 1858, by: A Van Imogen
64 x 74 (162.6 x 188 cm)

Of all bridal quilts, those known as white work are among the most highly prized by collectors. Introduced to America in the late 18th century, they became extremely popular before 1830, especially in the South. The central medallions of these elegant textiles were composed of stitched urns of flowers, roped swags, floral wreaths, feathered whorls and cornucopias.

Hundreds of hours were used to plan the desired composition, transfer the design to the fabric, stitch the narrow channels (working at eight to ten stitches per inch), and finally, draw the cording through the channels and motifs, or stuff the motifs from the back side of the quilt, to realize the pattern. The raised designs reflect the light and provide shadow on the surface to give the quilts a stunning sculptural effect.

This example was wrought by A Van Imogen whose corded name can be seen along with the corded date of 1858 surrounding the central urn. A Trapunto hand with heart is a motif seen throughout the quilt, along with flowers, vines, grapes with leaves - all in Trapunto with a stippled background setting the motifs in even higher relief. The quilt has been lit to show the tremendous amount of detail and artistry Miss Van Imogen displayed on her work of art. This quilt has been professionally hand washed by Betsey and is in exceptional condition. It can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing.

Q8998 1893 Chicago Exposition / World's Fair Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q8998 1893 Chicago Exposition / World's Fair Quilt, with Provenance
79 x 80 (200.7 x 203.2 cm))
Found in PA

An amazing find, this quilt's focus is the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, also known as The World's Columbian Exposition, which was designed to commemorate the landing of Columbus in America. Executed using lengths of printed fabric made specifically for the Exposition for use as bunting, handkerchiefs, and other memorabilia.

The front of the quilt is wholecloth; three vertical lengths of printed fabric hand pieced together to create the quilt's top. The 5 ¼ inch burgundy striped border is also hand pieced and folds to the back forming a 1/2 inch hand stitched binding. The quilt has a puffy batting that is smooth and without any shifting, lumps or bumps. The quilt is top tied using, of all things, thin hemp-like ties that add to the uniqueness and overall design of the quilt. The backing is a great black and red cotton calico-see detail images. Stitched to the back of the quilt is a hand written note on cotton stating the maker's and recipient's names along with the date of the gift: December 25, 1893.

There is an interesting side note regarding the history of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair itself. The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larsen, is a nonfiction novel published in 2003 that spans the years surrounding the building of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. One plot line centers on Daniel Burnham, the architect who built the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The other plot line focuses on character H.H. Holmes, the serial killer who exploited the fair to find his victims. Dr. Holmes built a hotel for exposition guests which he named The World's Fair Hotel, and then preyed on his hotel guests, mostly young women. He was convicted of 27 murders, but they expect he had up to 200 victims most of whom were disposed of in the kiln in the basement of the hotel. Good grief.

As mentioned, an interesting side note to the 1893 Exposition and its history! Our lovely quilt remains unmarred by any connection to the more gruesome aspects of a marvelous and historical exposition. We can assume our talented quilt maker, whose name will go to the buyer upon sale, chose other accommodations during her visit to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

This unique quilt has been professionally hand washed by Betsey, is in excellent condition, and can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing. Please ask Betsey for more details.

Q9031 Coca Cola Quilt
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q9031 Coca Cola Quilt
1940's to 1960's?
84 x 84 (213.40 x 213.40 cm)

What fun! Betsey found this quilt and couldn't resist. The overall design is both printed and hand pieced, and the Coca Cola bottles and logos are hand outline quilted with echo outline stitching around the central circular bottle cap design radiating outward. The borders are outline quilted with a gentle double line wave quilted in the outer yellow border.

Betsey does not know the date this fun piece was made and is guessing somewhere from the 1940's to the 1960's. We were unable to find anything similar to this quilt in our research on Coca Cola memorabilia and textiles. The backing is off white and the edging is pillowcased. The red, green, black and yellow hues are vibrant and the quilt is in perfect condition. The quilt is cuddly soft with a medium weight bat between.

A wonderful Coca Cola quilt that is a great size for your large bed. It has two matching pillow shams. Professionally hand washed by Betsey it can be sent to you on approval.

Betsey's Collection: Folk Art Wool Embroidery & Beadwork
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Betsey's Collection: Folk Art Wool Embroidery & Beadwork
12 x 23 (30.5 cm x 58.4 cm)

This is a wonderful and original folk art creation. Hand embroidery, beadwork, 3 dimensional and silk velvet appliques on black wool depict a Native American with bow and arrow next to a fallen deer. Whimsical enlarged flowers with beaded stamens and centers look more like trees in scale! A large yellow butterfly has intricate beadwork and hovers over 3-D flowers with glass jewel centers. The completely embroidered Native American hunter has glass beads for eyes and a graduated beaded necklace. His moccasins are felted wool and contain delicate hand embroidery work.

The backing is green cotton flannel with narrow yellow and white stripes and the piece has a nice pillowcase edging for a clean look. An original piece in excellent condition, we found one hard to find tiny moth bite in the black wool near the edge seam. See detail images of this spectacular piece of original folk art.

UF6 Tobacco Silks Folk Art, mounted
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
UF6 Tobacco Silks Folk Art, mounted
22 x 22, mounted (55.9 x 55.9 cm)

A unique Folk Art piece comprised of silk tobacco premiums appliqued onto black silk with silk embellishment stitching. American tobacco companies produced a wealth of tobacco premiums that were included free with tobacco products. The advertising scheme encouraged collecting and creating household decorative items out of the premiums and was specifically targeted not to the users of the tobacco but to their wives, daughters, mothers, etc. They became extremely popular for collecting from 1910 to 1916.

This particular piece consists of a center silk Scottish Flag measuring 5½ x 6¾ surrounded by additional Country Flags, and Native American silks either 1¾ x 2¾ or 2⅜ x 4 in size. Mounted on a wooden frame wrapped in a wool plaid. A wonderful folk art piece ready for hanging.

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