CON GG3 Hawaiian Flag Quilt 'Ku'U Hae Aloha' (My Beloved Flag)
81 x 81 (205.7 x 205.7 cm)

The most loved design among the Hawaiian people is Ku'u Hae Aloha (My Beloved Flag). Upon abdication of the Queen in 1895 and consequent lowering of their flag many of the Hawaiian people feared that they would not again be permitted to fly the emblem of their kingdom. They turned to the quilt as a means of perpetuating the flag and the coat-of-arms. The result was My Beloved Flag, a design held so sacred as never to be put to everyday use.

This wonderful example of the Royal Hawaiian Quilt is in excellent condition and is accompanied by family history to be passed on to the buyer. Comprised of vibrant solid red, blue and white cottons. The flags are each treadle machine pieced with white piping and treadle machine topstitching of the Union Jack in each canton. Extremely fine hand applique stitching was executed on the coat-of-arms and Hawaiian lettering below. The phrase translates to "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness".

Hand quilted with cross hatch stitching in the white ground and outline and parallel line stitching in the flags. The backing is a loose weave white cotton, and the applied 3/8 inch binding is the same solid blue as the flags' stripes.

As a fascinating piece of history, as well as tremendous graphic textile art, this quilt is an American treasure. Please call Betsey with any questions or to express interest in this quilt being sold on behalf of a private collector.