CON GG8 Hawaiian Applique Quilt in Taupe & Red
75 x 78 (190.5 x 198.1 cm)

This lovely quilt utilizes the second style of pattern prevalent in Hawaiian quilts - the first being the center medallion style shown in CON GG4 Green & White Applique. In this style a motif is cut using the entire piece of folded fabric. This produces four repetitions that radiate out from the center of the quilt to the corners. An ethereal and lacey effect is achieved by the quilter of this early piece.

A beautiful presentation of this design in a soft palette; taupe interspersed with red blooms on a soft off white ground. The quilter added Herringbone embellishment stitching around the edges of the red blooms using off white thread. Applique stitches are small and even with hand quilting done in the echo outlining of the design inside the appliques and in the off white ground.

The applied half inch binding is the same taupe used for the interior design and is treadle sewing machine topstitched. There is a bit of wear on the folded edge of the binding in areas. The backing is the same off white used for the front. This quilt was used and lovingly cared for and is in excellent condition. For sale on behalf of a private collector, this Hawaiian applique can be sent to you on approval for private viewing.