CONJE13 White on White Embroidered quilt

c. 1890
57 x 77 inches


We are about to discuss a completely original quilt. Judging from the varying widths of fabrics used to make this quilt, I’m going to say that it was created in the 1890’s. There are two thin white fabrics placed together and quilted in a 1/2 inch diagonal cross hatch grid. Before it was quilted, the top fabric was heavily embellished with an amazing floral design that appears to be reminiscent of the 18th century trapunto and candle wicking but executed in a totally different manner. The embellished work was executed prior to quilting. Pieces of cotton were shaped in the desired design then placed on the fabric and wrapped in embroidery thread. This quilt appears to be in unused condition and because it is white, will work in almost any decor.