CON SH3 Silk Miniature Log Cabin Courthouse Steps
64 x 69 (162.6 x 175.3 cm)

A breathtaking Log Cabin with miniature blocks executed entirely in silk places this quilt apart from its Log Cabin contemporaries. Silks and silk ribbons of every possible color have been foundation pieced in a miniature Log Cabin Courthouse Steps pattern. Each block is approximately 3 ¾ inches and has been formed from logs measuring a mere ¼ to ½ inch wide. Each tiny hearth square ranges from only ½ to ¾ inch per side, in shades of red and red-brown.

A wide variety of silks in solid, prints, stripes, checks, moire, faille, and ombres have been skillfully placed for maximum graphic impact. The wonder of silk is in the way it reflects light; and with a Courthouse Pattern, this quilt gives the illusion of pulsating color. The huge range of colors insures that whatever the surrounding color in your room, that color will be accentuated in the quilt.

Backed with a luscious wine silk velvet, and turned over from the back to the front to create a ¼ inch binding. Such a large amount of silk velvet yardage would have only been purchased by a family of means, and illustrates the ability of quilts to truly be a study in socioeconomics.

A glorious miniature Log Cabin quilt made entirely of sumptuous silks. Ask Betsey for more information and to see this quilt on approval for viewing in the privacy of your home.