DQ180 Patchwork Doll's Quilt with Borders
12 x 14 inches
New England

This is the oldest doll quilt I have ever owned. Some of these fabrics go back to the 18th century. Measuring 12 x 14 inches, it is an exact miniature of an adult’s quilt. In early New England, many of our quilts were created with only three borders. This doll’s quilt displays such a format. Comprised of apx 1-5/8 inch squares, with a 1-3/4 inch border on three sides, it is finished with a 1/4 inch binding all around. This very early doll’s quilt was made before the sewing machine was invented, therefore, all work was executed by hand. This rare and very special doll’s quilt is not in perfect condition. To me, that doesn’t really matter, because it’s so special. The condition is completely original.