Q8556 Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt
76 x 84
Columbia, Pennsylvania area

This classic quilt in the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern contains a fun assortment of plaids, florals, and calico fabrics from the late 1920’s through the early 1930’s. Each hexagon measures 1 inch per side, or 1 5/8 inches across, and the flowers are carefully arranged in a circular fashion according to color. The center flower is pink, the next circle of flowers are blue, followed by concentric circles of light pink, green, peach, purple and blue. All of the flowers are unified by their yellow centers. The garden paths are white, and the outer perimeter of the quilt is bordered by light pink hexagons.

This beautiful quilt in unused condition is entirely hand outline stitched around each hexagon. The backing fabric is white cotton. The detailed edging of the quilt is lovingly enhanced with a pillowcase edge done by hand with tiny whip stitches. A lovely, pristine quilt that fits a queen sized bed!! Professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready for you to see on approval.