Q8666 Double Wedding Ring

84 x 86 inches
Lancaster County, PA

The most popular quilt pattern of the Depression era is the Double Wedding Ring. Created in apx. 1927, this quilt pattern became a must for every bride to have. There are stories about young girls piecing the top and when she became engaged all her friends would join together and quilt this top for her trousseau. There are also stories of this pattern being used as an underground signal for slaves during the Civil War, but this is just that: a made up story, as the pattern was not created until the 1920's, many years after the Civil War. Some of these precious quilts have survived because they were too special to use, having many memories, and at times women were separated by many miles from friends and family. Even though the story has been lost in time, this quilt appears to be one such piece. Unusually large at 84 x 86”, this quilt would fit a queen size bed. Each ring is 17” in diameter. The joining squares are 1-1/2”, the pieces in the ring are 1-1/2” in width, while the binding is 1/2” wide. The binding is attached by machine and finished by hand. All piecing and quilting is done by hand. The muslin used on this quilt is slightly off-white. What an amazing gift or a present for yourself! Ready to use and always sent on approval.