Q8811 Mohair Lap Robe
late 19th century
63 x 63 (160 X 160 cm)
found in MA

A soft and cozy lap robe in excellent condition comprised of wonderful mohair blocks of different sizes. Twenty five richly toned, saturated color blocks of olive, wine, russet, and deep blue mohair measure approximately 9 1/2” square in the center arrangement. An inner border 4 1/4” wide surrounds the center in alternating blocks of color. The outer border consists of 3 1/2” wide solid strips of mohair in deepest russet.

The backing is solid peach cotton which is attached to the front with a pillowcase edge and no quilting or tying. Treadle machine top stitching one inch in from the edge gives a nice finish. Rich toned mohair that is soft and cuddly makes for a wonderful lap robe, and would be perfect as a throw on a sofa or bed to bring a spot of warmth and cheer to a room. It is in excellent condition with one or two areas of thinning mohair which can be seen in the photos and do not detract from the piece.

A terrific and unusual piece for us, it is quite luxurious, a great size, and even lovelier in person. It can be sent to you for private viewing in your home before deciding to purchase.