Q8819 Old Order Antique Amish Bears Paw Crib Quilt
c. 1915
39 x 51

This petite and perfectly scaled example of the Bear Paw pattern is made from cotton fabrics in lovely, muted shades of black, grayish brown, cream and green, and backed with a solid gray-brown cotton. Each Bear Paw block is set on point and measures approximately 6 x 6 inches. Small triangles within the blocks measure one inch per short side, larger triangles 2 1/4 inches per short side. The interior square of each ‘paw’ is approximately 3 1/4 square. Double borders include an inner 1 5/8 inch green border with the outer black border measuring 5 inches in width.

Old Order Amish are distinguished by their nonconformist attitudes and resistance to social change, and are characterized by a strictly rural way of life, a horse-and-buggy culture, the use of a dialect of the German language, and "plain" dress resembling that of European peoples two centuries ago. They have no meetinghouses and some communities oppose the use of tractors for farming. These more conservative views distinguish them from other Amish groups. This wonderful little Old Order treasure is a great find for Betsey’s clients who love Old Order Amish quilts – and its size is a special bonus.

The 3/8 inch binding is formed when the backing was turned to the front and treadle machine stitched down. Lovely hand quilting using black thread includes double parallel line stitching in the double border, and 7/8 inch cross hatch stitching in the bear paws and joining blocks. In excellent condition this small quilt is a wonderful find for Amish and crib quilt lovers. Perfectly suited as a graphic piece of textile art to add a bit of sophistication and elegance to your home or office. This quilt can be sent to you on approval for private viewing. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.