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Q8920 Folk Art Sampler Quilt with Schoolhouse

78 x 90 (198.1 x 228.6 cm)

This is such a fabulous sampler quilt! We always ponder a quilter's inspiration when creating a sampler quilt such as this one. The carpenter's tools are a whimsical touch and make us wonder if it was the profession of a husband, brother, or beau. Even with her use of such differing patterns the maker was able to achieve a harmonious whole using a palette of reds, blues, cheddar and khaki throughout. The khaki color originally started as tobacco dyed green which loses its color when it comes in contact with water - the end result being this lovely soft khaki. Quilt blocks range in size from 5½ x 5½ to 18 x 18 inches and are executed by hand using both original and traditional quilting and applique patterns. One of the main focal points is the schoolhouse in the center of the design - we love the striped roof and twin chimneys!

Double borders in off white and khaki are a pleasing frame for the many design elements inside. The outer off white border measures 3½ inches wide and the inner khaki border is 2¾ inches wide. There is slight staining in a few areas that does not detract from the unique design and presentation of this wonderful piece of American folk art.

Each block has been hand quilted in patterns that complement its design. These patterns include outline, cross hatch, multiple chain configurations, echo parallel line and outline, herringbone, and interlocking double line circles. The backing is off white and the applied ¼ inch binding is the same solid khaki as the inner border. In excellent condition this wonderful collector's quilt is ready to ship to you on approval for private viewing in your home.