Q8968 Grandmother's Flower Garden

83 x 85 inches
New England

This is an exquisitely created depression era Grandmother's Flower garden quilt in an exceptionally large size. One of the three most popular quilting patterns of that era, this quilt has been meticulously quilted with teeny tiny stitches. This is one pattern that always needs to be pieced by hand. Every hexagon is outline quilted. The hexagon’s measure 1-1/4” side to side, the binding measures 1/4” and the backing is pink. A colored or print backing is unusual for this era as that precious fabric could have been used to create another quilt. The entire quilt is covered with quilting no more than an inch apart at any point. The reason this quilt is so large is because the creator appliquéd the top onto another piece of the same white fabric used to create the blocks, adding 8” in each direction. In perfect condition and organically hand washed by Betsey, this quilt is ready for your home. Quilts are always sent on approval.