Q9030 Diamond in a Square / Steeplechase Quilt c.1928
69 x 84 (175.3 x 213.40 cm)
Washington state

This quilt is a mix of two patterns that Betsey has never seen combined before; Diamond in a Square and Steeplechase. This early 20th century quilt is filled with 1920’s cotton calicos, florals, solids and stripes in abundance! The backdrop for the multi hued design is a sunny yellow calico. A very happy quilt constructed of small, hand pieced blocks approx. 2 ½ x 2 ¾ inches in size which contain 9 small pieces of fabric to make up the Diamond in a Square pattern. The smallest triangles are 7/8 inch per short side. The yellow calico joining blocks are approx. 5 ½ inches square and are also sewn in by hand.

Hand quilting is diagonal cross hatch stitching throughout. The backing is cuddly soft in two different patterns of cotton flannel; a gray chambray, and a multi stripe in shades of gray. The 1/2 inch applied binding is solid medium blue.

A wonderful Depression era quilt in perfect condition. Hand washed by Betsey it can be shipped to you on approval for viewing in the privacy of your home.