Silk Cigar Band Quilt
87 x 97 (221 x 246.4 cm)

Cigars were the most popular tobacco product used in the 19th Century, with most households having at least one cigar smoker. A cigar box would contain several bundles of six to eight cigars, each bundle wrapped in a silk ribbon sporting a printed brand name or number. These ribbons served not only the practical purpose of packaging the cigars but also as a way to attract buyers to a specific brand. Women were encouraged through literature distributed by the tobacco companies to use them to make things for the home such as pillows, table covers, purses and even curtains for windows and doors.

This lovely example of a cigar silks quilt highlights its sheer elegance by the use of only certain silks and by the artistry and skill that were used to create it. The fact that it is so large and obviously created for use on a bed is extraordinary as they were mostly made for smaller decorative purposes. The quilt is surrounded on three sides by a 7 inch wide gold cotton ruffle. Reverse tied with an ecru backing pillowcase edged to the top. A gorgeous piece of work beautifully designed by its maker. This quilt can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing.