Q9056 Indigo Linsey Woolsey Calimanco

c. 1780 - 1820
68 x 90 inches
Mid-coast Maine

This rare early quilt was originally made for a New England post bed. The reason I know this is because two corners of the quilt that were originally cut out have been filled in with fabric from the top of the quilt. This quilt is history in progress. Indigo dye will not fade due to sun. This is true of only two dyes, the other one being true turkey red. The top is an early wool homespun, very possibly created and spun from wool from their sheep. One clue to this is that the quilt has a wool batting. The back is also a wool homespun more loosely woven than the top. The piece has been beautifully quilted with early linen thread. There are a few original moth holes, some of which have been previously woven. A point of interest: beware of any woolen quilts someone says are very old, but which have no moth holes. It is quite possible that these are reproductions. This quilt was definitely made for warmth, and would be very appreciated on a cold New England night.