Q9081 Yo-Yo

63 x 85 inches
Andover, MA

A happy whimsical Yo-Yo “Quilt”. We photographed this Yo-Yo hanging over a white sheet. Whatever solid color you have on your bed will show through when you place this Yo-Yo on top. I have heard happy tales of children cutting out fabrics for their mothers and grandmothers to help make this “quilt". This is the perfect way to use up all the fabric scraps left over from making clothing and quilts for the family. During the depression, many people made their own clothes, which left many scraps to use for this type of "quilt”. The Yo-Yo’s measure 1-3/4” in diameter. The royal blue solid color fabric creates a very graphic piece of art. In perfect, unused condition and organically hand washed by Betsey. Family name upon sale.