QT233 Patriotic Redwork Quilt Top

Dated and Initialed 1904-1910
48 x 61 inches
New England

Red work quilts and tops are hard to find. This wonderful red work piece is a child’s quilt top that is both initialed and dated. Like most antique textiles we are not sure of the story behind this quilt. Was it made for a child or by a child? The history has been lost in time. What we do know is that this quilt top is filled with symbolism which seems to represent parts of a child’s life. We have flowers, birds, tea parties, horses and bees for industriousness. All piecing and embroidery is executed by hand. There are a few water stains on the quilt top, however, one doesn’t wash a quilt top before it is quilted. A wash after quilting should remove the water marks. What a rare and wonderful Patriotic Child’s Quilt. Happy to send on approval.